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Our Laboratory Test Results

Since “Essence of Essence” is providing top-notch Galbanum essential oil to its customers, it is necessary to reflect on the product laboratory test results. It is important to affirm the purity level of Galbanum essential oil manufactured through standard laboratory tests. Therefore, one of the main applications of ISO 14716 is to test the quality of Galbanum essential oil and confirm its specifications.

Every batch of our galbanum essential oil is tested using "gcms". This ensures the vital oil's authenticity and purity. Ferulantique is committed to delivering 100% pure galbanum essential oil

Various test methods are used for this purpose all of which can be categorized into three main types:

1. Instrumental: this method is carried out to check the physical or physicochemical properties of essential oils.

2. Organoleptic: Appearance, odor, and taste form the organoleptic evaluation.

3. Chemical: this one is about specifications of essential oil which states the range of refractive index, optical rotation, and specific gravity.

Appearance: This parameter defines the first quality item that is observable easily for everyone. Generally speaking, and as reflected in the picture below, bright Galbanum essential oil reflects its high quality.

Various test methods are used for this purpose, all of which can be categorized into three main types:

Odor: The flowers, when fresh, are said to have an unpleasant smell. The smell of Galbanum essential oil is green with subsidiary notes that are woody and herbaceous, and also back notes of leather, earth, musky, spice, conifer needles, and even a bit of green citrus. The result of this test shows odor of “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil is quite unique.

Optical Rotation: Whenever light rays pass through a transparent material, in addition to refraction, there can be a rotation of the plane of polarization. This is known as “Optical rotation” and is stated as degrees of angle of rotation. According to ISO 14716 standards, the rate of optical rotation should be between +7° and +17°. “Essence of Essence”Galbanum essential oil shows an appropriate rate of 14.46°.

Solubility: Essential oils are sparingly soluble in water and usually soluble in alcohol. It means if an essential oil is insoluble in water, we have a pure one. As reflected in the laboratory test result of “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil, the result of solubility is recorded as clear, meaning the product is insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol.

Galbanum is considered a woman’s oil excellent for menstrual problems, PMS, cramping, and bloating. It is said to strengthen the female reproductive organs and balance the hormones.

Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of the oil is its density concerning that of water and is also known as relative density. The density of a material is derived by dividing its mass (weight) by its volume at a known temperature. The density of water is practically one, meaning that 1 liter of water weighs 1 Kilogram or vice versa. Any oil lighter than water will form a separate upper layer on the water if it is immiscible with it.

Most essential oils, being lighter than water and immiscible with water, form a distinct upper layer. ISO 14716 declares that specific gravity should be between 0.86 – 0.89. This rate for “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil is 0.86, which is within the range.

Refractive Index: Refractive Index is the measurement of light rays’ refraction as they pass through the material carried out by a refractometer. 2-3 drops of oil under test are put between the 2 prisms of the instrument at a known temperature, and the index is measured. The Refractive index is only a qualitative test of the purity of essential oils and does not provide a purity percentage.

The quantity of this parameter should be between 1.4780 and 1.4850. The Refractive Index result of “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil is 1.4812.

Primary Components:


α-pinene (%) is one of the 11 critical terpenes found in cannabis. It is responsible for a pine-like flavor and aroma, sometimes interpreted as turpentine-like, but it also has some magnificent medicinal benefits.

⚡ According to ISO 14716, the percentage of α-pinene should be between 5% and 21%. “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil amount is 7.27%, reflecting excellent quality.


β-pinene (%) found in plants is an organic monoterpene compound and as one of the most abundant compounds released by forest trees. If oxidized in the air, the allylic products of the pinocarveol and myrtenol family prevail. α-pinene, a colorless liquid soluble in alcohol but not water, is one of the two isomers of pinene.

Owing to its woody-green pine-like smell, β-pinene has been used as a flavoring and fragrance agent. It is pretty common for essential oils to be used in cooking to provide flavoring effects to the food and also as a preservative.

⚡ The best amount of β-pinene is between 40% and 70%. The updated laboratory test result of “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil demonstrates the amount of 66.95% as an excellent rate.


As a bicyclic monoterpene, δ-3-Caren (%) has a unique propanol ring. The terpene emits an attractive aroma and carries an incomparable flavor unlike any other terpene isolate on the market. When you choose to enjoy this terpene, you get more than an isolate you can consume on its own; you get a terpene you can add to food, beverages, and more.

It is a raw material that is used in perfumes, cosmetics, flavors, and terpene resins. Carene is used to differentiate and stimulate the productivity of calcium in bone cells, thus helping in bone growth. Cypress oil containing carene is used in aromatherapy, and it dries out the excess fluid in the eyes, mouth, and nose.

⚡ Standard tips of ISO 14716 specify that the normal rate of δ-3-Carene in Galbanum essential oil should be between 2% and 16%. This percentage in “Essence of Essence” Galbanum essential oil is 8.42%.

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